Keck Crew



Keck Crew







Randy Chambers (Director and Chief Bottle Washer)

Timothy Russell (Research Assistant and GIS Guru)

Charlotte Tabb (Office Manager)





Lori Sutter: Graduate thesis research salinity effects in tidal fresh marshes. Ph.D. 2014; paper in Wetlands

Matt Heidman: Graduate thesis research on feeding by gizzard shad. M.S. 2011; paper in Aquatic Biology

Louise Lammons: Graduate thesis research on feeding by gizzard shad. M.S. 2009; paper in prep

Sara Kriesel: Graduate thesis research on carbon sequestration in created wetlands. M.S. 2010

Megan Rook: Graduate thesis research on the influence of commercial crabbing on diamondback terrapin populations. M.S. 2009; paper in Marine Ecology Progress Series

Jonathan Holley: Graduate thesis research on the effectiveness of stormwater retention ponds. M.S. 2008; paper in JAWRA

Rebekah Packett: Graduate thesis research on the influence of salinity on the relative growth of native and invasive marsh grasses Phragmites australis. M.S. 2005; paper in Estuaries and Coasts

Vicky Ruzicka: Graduate thesis research on nesting ecology of diamondback terrapins in marshes of Chesapeake Bay. M.S. 2006; paper in prep

Kristin Pederson 07: Undergraduate project determining the distribution and abundance of phosphorus in the Florida Everglades. Paper in Hydrobiologia

Matthew Wolak 07: Senior honors thesis modeling a diamondback terrapin population in Chesapeake Bay. Paper in Conservation Biology

Carrie Lewis 06: Undergraduate project studying olfactory cues in musk turtles. Paper in Journal of Herpetology

Katie Andres 05: Undergraduate project studying the homing behavior of musk turtles in Lake Matoaka. Paper in American Midland Naturalist


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